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Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage + Pregnancy Loss 

There are few things more difficult than losing a pregnancy. The cycle of hope, excitement, grief, anger and frustration that may come with miscarriage can be a challenging and exhausting rollercoaster to navigate, and many moms and couples may be left feeling powerless and defeated.

We have supported many women and families through the loss of miscarriage, and have also seen many of these same women go on to eventually carry a healthy baby to term. Although miscarriage is not always preventable, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of experiencing one.

Can You Prevent Miscarriage?

The event of a miscarriage is extremely common, more common than many people realize. Approximately 30% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage, with most occurring in the 1st trimester.

When talking about miscarriage, especially if it is a recurrent issue, it’s important to determine what the root causes of miscarriage are.

Common causes of recurrent loss include:

  • Chromosomally abnormal embryo (most common)
  • Clotting and/or blood disorders
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Immune system disorders
  • Uterine and/or cervix abnormalities
  • Deeper genetic issues

If there are chromosomal issues with an embryo, unfortunately miscarriage is likely inevitable. However if this is the primary issue, there are steps you can take to improve egg and sperm quality and improve chances of a chromosomally normal egg and sperm, thus optimizing your chances of a healthy pregnancy. This is where acupuncture, herbs and nutrition therapy can shine.

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine May Help

Integrative acupuncture helps to promote optimal healthy blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, can help balance hormones and can also help to balance the immune system. Acupuncture, especially in combination with diet, herbs, supplements and lifestyle modification can help to create the most optimal environment for a healthy and thriving pregnancy.

There are several patterns in Chinese medicine diagnostics that people with a history of recurrent miscarriage fall into. When we are able to identify and treat these patterns early on in pregnancy (or ever more ideally before pregnancy begins), we often see success helping women with a history of miscarriage carry to full term.

If you’ve had a miscarriage and are concerned about carrying a pregnancy to term, we invite you to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you have about how acupuncture and Chinese medicine may be able to help . We look forward to being a part of your pregnancy success story.

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