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Local Resources and Affiliates

Support comes in many forms, and sometimes, it takes a village! Below are some of our favorite resources for holistic and alternative medicine to support optimal fertility, healthy pregnancy and overall reproductive health.

Professional Grade Supplement Store

Professional grade, 3rd party tested vitamins and supplements.

Fertility Tools + Period Support

These are some of our favorite tools for optimize fertility and healthy periods.


Wearable BBT Themometer

“Tempdrop brings the full fertility tracking solution to your smartphone. Whether you are looking to increase your chances of conceiving, or are practicing fertility awareness methods, Tempdrop is tailored to you.”

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Inito fertility monitor

At Home Lab Options

“Inito is the world’s first home device that allows tests for diabetes, thyroid, fertility hormones, infections etc. — all on a single device connected to a smartphone. By analyzing this data, our App provides personalized insights, diagnoses conditions and predicts the best treatments to help people become healthier.”


Menstrual Cramp Tens Unit

“Livia is the first scientifically proven wearable solution for period pain relief. Say goodbye to missed work and school days. Say goodbye to inconvenient “solutions” that don’t solve anything. With Livia, you’ll experience fast, significant relief without side effects.”

Queen of The Thrones

Castor Oil Packs for Cycle Health

Castor Oil Packs are a legendary treatment that date back to ancient times. We use castor oil topically inTraditional Chinese medicine to help promote blood flow to the reproductive organs and reduce scar tissue.

Juno Bio

Vaginal Microbiome Testing

“Juno Bio is for women and people with vaginas who want to learn more about their microbes.”

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Guided Meditations for Fertility + Pregnancy


Mental Health & Specialized Therapies

Woman with pelvic pain

Mental Health

A list of mental health therapists in San Diego specializing in reproductive health + fertility.

Reproductive Mental Health + Wellness

Rachel Rabinor, LCSW

Laura Carr, MFT

Dr. Jill McDevitt, Sexologist

Jennifer Rickard, MFT

Stacy Watnick, PhD

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

Pelvic floor physical therapists in San Diego, specialized in supporting those with pelvic dysfunction, pain, endometriosis and postpartum issues.

Dr. Jandra Mueller, DPT 

Dr. Ariel Galop, DPT

Dr. Sara Meech, DPT

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Ob/Gyn + Midwifery support, Doula Care + Lactation Support from local San Diego Providers we trust.

Woman with pelvic pain