Is your gut health impacting your fertility?

The short answer is, “probably!” This can be either great news or… not, depending on what’s going on in your gut.

From the diversity + abundance of your “microbiome,” (ie the bacteria in your body) to the health of your intestinal wall, how your gut is functioning may actually dramatically influence fertility and reproductive health.

This is largely because the gut is essentially where much of “the magic” happens in regards to fundamental health. From nutrient absorption to immune function + inflammation, and even hormone metabolism — what’s happening in your gut matters.

For example, if your microbiome is out of balance, or if you have undiagnosed food sensitivities that are aggravating your intestinal lining, you will be more prone to intestinal permeability, which can contribute to chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction — not good news for egg + sperm health.

An imbalanced microbiome can also cause elevated levels of an enzyme called “beta glucuronidase,” which essentially unbinds estrogen that *should* be on its way out through the bowel, but instead can get released back into the blood stream, potentially contributing to high estrogen levels. This is notoriously problematic for folks with #endo.

Chronic inflammation can impact many aspects of #fertility, and can dramatically impact endometriosis and #PCOS symptoms as well.

This is one reason we ASK (a lot of questions) about your digestion + gut health. And why we offer TESTING to take a closer look at what is going in in your gut.

❤️ Your NHRH Team