Do you know how to tell if you’re ovulating?

When it comes to hormone balancing, fertility or even just simple vitality, for those who have the ability to cycle, ovulation is essential for achieving your reproductive wellness goals.

Why? Because ovulation is the primary way our bodies produce progesterone — and progesterone is awesome.

Progesterone is the hormones that surges after ovulation. It’s made by the “corpus luteum,” a (normal) cyst which grows each cycle after a follicle is released. The corpus luteum will make progesterone for about two weeks if you do not become pregnant after ovulation. If you do become pregnant during that time, it will hang around making enough progesterone to support early pregnancy for a full 10 weeks until the placenta takes over.

That’s not even the coolest part. Progesterone, along with being essential for pregnancy, is also the hormone that makes us feel gooood. It can help support mood, sleep, skin and overall vitality. AND it’s absolutely essential to help keep estrogen in check, which is critical for hormonal balance.

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